Celebrate each and
every moment.

Texas based lifestyle photographer documenting real life
and authentic emotions.

Documenting the happy tears, belly laughs. and every moment in between. No matter what I'm photographing, my goal is to capture the connection and feelings rather than just a pretty scene. My hope is that when photos are looked back on, you'll be able to remember how life was in that specific moment in time. Just as importantly, I never want clients to stress out about taking photos. This is about capturing the real stuff and being your honest self. And having fun!

There's A lot of beauty in ordinary things.

Isn't that kind of the point?

 - pam beasley



hey you! I'm Jess.

Hey you!I'm Jess.

Documenting life and love since 2013. Based in the Galveston-Houston, TX area.

If you're looking for a photographer to snap a photo of a perfect recreation of a Pinterest photo you pinned two weeks ago, you've got the wrong girl. I'm here to document the real stuff. The quirky stuff. The happy stuff. And the sappy stuff. 

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